A True Hero and Some Life Advise For Us All

In 2015 at the Druid Challenge we were very fortunate to have a special person helping at the event. Kevin Webber was due to run, but due to his severe illness which you will read about, he was to ill to take part, but wanted to be part of the Druid as he was entered … Continue reading

Ultra Running Research Study – Chiltern Ultra July 16th 2016

Ever wondered how fit you are? Do you struggle to pace yourself through long running sessions? Do you start races too fast and struggle to maintain a constant speed? Ultra-Running Research study: Participant expression of interest The Sport and Exercise Science Research Group at Anglia Ruskin University are looking for healthy volunteers to take part … Continue reading

Training Blog February – March 2016 Preparation for Anglo-Celtic Plate 100km England International and Global Limits Sri Lanka Wild Elephant Trail 6 Day Stage Race 210KM

After a block of aerobic base conditioning I set about a six week specific training block followed by a post Sri Lanka race two week taper in preparation for my England International at 100km. The method was to specifically prepare for the 100km and utilise the multi-day race in Sri Lanka nestled into the two … Continue reading

UltraMonty, faster than a speeding motorbike!

Three months in and 2016 has been a crescendo of waves. Never have I been one for self-pity so the violins can stay firmly shut in their cases. Instead I am blessed with perspective and have the ability to dig deep and look forwards. But even I have been found curled up on the sofa … Continue reading

Pilgrim Challenge 2016

My ultra year is up and running – or, rather, up and plodding. Ultras don’t get any easier, and my first event of 2016 – the Pilgrims, an out-and-back two-day trail based on the Pilgrims Way in Surrey and Kent – is always a toughie. It was the fourth time I’d done it – and … Continue reading

Extreme Energy December 2015 Event Update

Extreme Energy December 2015 Event Update We hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas with your friends and family, and enjoying the holiday break (if you have one!). We know that during this week many of us set our plans for 2016 including our race plans. Setting out our “A” race for the year, … Continue reading